Covering Up Tattoos


Seeing you tattoo not coming out as you expected? Change your mind on a tattoo you got years ago? This is disappointing. We offer tattoo cover up with your new idea of what you would like to get instead. Accepting an unwanted tattoo is tough but we have your answer. Covering it up can be expensive but you can’t compromise the significant value that it will on your mind. You will be delighted and overwhelmed on your new tattoo and want to flaunt it instead of hiding it! So how does it work? Come on in with your new tattoo idea and we will match you up with the perfect artist that it best suited for the design. We will create something amazing, put a stencil on your body and you let us know if you love it or not. There is no limited on the amount of edits you can do for your tattoo. Below are some frequently asked questions when it comes to covering up a tattoo: