What to Expect when Getting a Tattoo


STEP 1: Consultation & Design

Confused about which tattoo to get or where to get it? At Modern Ink Tattoos, we offer a free consultation to make you feel more comfortable about the design you want. If you want an original design, we can direct you to the proper artist to best help you or we also have pre-drawn designs for you to choose from.

STEP 2: Placement
Placement of tattoo is important. We will help you find a good place for your custom design. This step might be more important then choosing a design for your tattoo.

STEP 3: Check Out the Shop
Before allowing anyone to touch your skin, make sure you are comfortable and safe with your artist. At Modern Ink Tattoos, we ensure you that our space is sanitary and clean. We have disposable equipments for all new clients. Get to know your artist and get to know each other so you have a better understanding of the work he/she will do.


STEP 4: Getting the Tattoo
Once you’ve chosen your tattoo and talked to your artist, he/she will free-hand draw on your skin or print a stencil and place it on your skin. Once you are happy with the size and area it is on, the area must be clean. Now, prepare for the pain!

STEP 5: Prepare for the Pain
It HURTS! There’s no getting around it.

STEP 6: Aftercare
The most important part of getting a tattoo is the aftercare. We will give you give you careful instructions to follow when you leave or you can check out the instructions online for your tattoo or piercing.